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Understanding the Alabama Economic Freedom Act

The Alabama Economic Freedom Act, aka Alabama FairTax, is a new way to collect revenue for the state. It is a one-time consumption tax on all NEW goods and services; an inclusive tax that replaces ALL current state income and sales taxes,... ... read more »

The Alabama Economic Freedom Act Plain English Summary

Learn how Alabama can totally replace its current sales/income tax system with a much simplified revenue neutral consumption tax.  Regressivity of a sales tax is addressed by a monthly rebate to ensure no one pays the tax on their essentials... ... read more »

2020 AEFA Prebate Schedule

These charts discuss the Alabama Economic Freedom Act 2020 Prebate Schedule based on the new poverty level guidelines issued in January by the Department of Health and Human Services. ... read more »

AEFA 2020 Prebate Made Easy

(See "Understanding the Alabama Economic Freedom Act," Home Page. for 2021 info) The AEFA protects ALL Alabama citizens from taxes on the essentials of life through a Family Consumption Allowance (FCA).  This allowance is received by heads... ... read more »

AEFA Question: Where do embedded taxes come from?

The accompaning charts explain why the AEFA is a better solution than taxing corporations and businesses big and small to collect income taxes. It shows all of the non-value added tax compliance costs due to labor, tracking and reporting, business... ... read more »

The Alabama Economic Freedom ACT. HB4

The Alabama Economic Freedom ACT, HB4, was prefiled pre-filed on June 4, 2019.  This copy is the updated version, 02/03/2020. ... read more »

AEFA Constitutional Amendment, HB3

All state income and sales tax changes must be voted on by the people of Alabama before going into effect.  The pre-filed Constitutional Amendment, HB3 shown here, will be put to the vote to determine the will of the people regarding... ... read more »

Alabama Economic Freedom Act 2019 Presentation

This presentation is a short summary of the Alabama Economic Freedom Act illustrated in view chart format. ... read more »

Should State and Local Governments pay the Alabama FairTax

Should State government consumption be included in the AEFA base to put personal and government consumption expenditures on an equal footing.  Read this White Paper to find the answer! ... read more »

The Alabama Economic Freedom Act Rate Study - National FAIRtax NOT Enacted: 2020

NOTE: Best viewed on a PC.  Other systems distort the tables. The Beacon Hill Institute (BHI) for Public Policy Research focuses on federal, state and local economic policies as they affect citizens and businesses. The Institute conducts... ... read more »

Alabama FairTax Rate Study, National FAIRtax NOT Enacted: 2017

NOTE: Best viewed on a PC.  Other systems distort the tables. In this study, The Tuerck Foundation for Economics, Law and the Humanities calculates the revenue-neutral Alabama Economic Freedom Act rate that would replace existing... ... read more »

The FairTax Prebate Explained

Notice that the table and graph in the The FairTax Prebate Explained are based on 2016 poverty levels.  See "2018 FAIRtax Prebate Schedule" below for the updates. ... read more »

Why the Prebate is not a Handout

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FairTax Overview

Notice that the tables in the Overview are based on 2015 poverty levels.  See "The FairTax Prebate Explained." ... read more »

The FairTax Reduces Tax Burden on low and middle income households

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How the FairTax Compares: FairTax flat tax income tax comparison chart 114th congress

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The FairTax Reduces Complexity Compliance Costs and Noncompliance

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Promoting Home Ownership: How the FairTax's benefits for homeowners exceed the mortgage interest deduction

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Tax Compliance Facts: What the federal tax system is costing you - besides your taxes!

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Implementing the FairTax - Business Basics

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Why Retailers Should Support the FairTax

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The Impact of the FairTax on the Economy

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The FairTax benefits Seniors

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Impact of the FairTax on Small Business

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The FairTax: Good forTaxpayers, Good for Businesses, Good for the Economy

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Impact of the FairTax on American manufacturing agriculture, trade and international competitiveness

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The FairTax lowers cost of a new produced US automobile

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The FairTax: the Key to Restoring America's International Competiveness, 2011

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The Impact of the FairTax on Health Care

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Hearing on Tax Reform and Charitable Contributions

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Why the FairTax Taxes Final Government Consumption

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The FairTax (real reform) vs. the flat tax (more of the same): A comparison

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Estimated Incremental Revenue for 2009 and 2010

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Federal Income Tax Law Keeps Piling Up

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Embedded Taxes: The Hammer Scenario

Here are a couple of charts to help better understand what causes tax accumulation over the typical production cycle of a product.  This example uses the hammer as its vehicle of explanation and shows how income taxes, social... ... read more »

Administration of the FairTax®

This White Paper discusses how the State governments would enter into a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Treasury Department governing the administration of the FairTax by each state.  The States would collect the tax for the Treasury and... ... read more »

The FairTax®: Growth Opportunities for America and CPAs

With enactment of the FairTax Plan, federal income tax return preparers will no longer prepare federal income tax returns. It is not true, however, that they will become permanently unemployed upon passage of the legislation. Quite the contrary,... ... read more »

How the federal tax system affects what you can buy.

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Wages Needed to Have $100 to Spend - 2015

The data used to fill this chart is based on 2013 reports since there is a two year lag in accumulation. ... read more »

FairTax Presentation Material

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Is the Income Tax a Form of Slavery

This essay discusses the early life of Frederick Douglass and shows the parallels between his job, earnings and the amount of money allowed to him for his labor compared to the present day income tax system and its effects on American Society. ... read more »

The FairTax Prebate Factsheet

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FairTax FAQ's

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FairTax vs. VAT

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The Fair Tax Act of 2015 – HR 25 / S 18 Plain English Summary

The actual bill is only 131 pages long, but is clarified by the Plain English Summary contained here: ... read more »