This section contains information about or relative to the FairTax® in the news.  Check-in periodically to see what is happening in the FairTax® world!

Learn more through Lunch and Taxes ... read more »

The Alabama Economic Freedom Act (AEFA) Plain English Summary

See the latest on AThe Alabama Economic Freedom Act.  Under "Resources, Documents", check out the Effective Tax Rate charts and the rate study to determine the single rate consumption tax for Alabama. ... read more »

The Price of Offshore Revisited

THE PRICE OF OFFSHORE REVISITED* NEW ESTIMATES FOR MISSING GLOBAL PRIVATE WEALTH, INCOME, INEQUALITY, AND LOST TAXES   At dinner they did discourse very finely to us of the probability that there is a vast deal of... ... read more »

Rep. Brooks Calls on Speaker to Grow Economy, Pass FairTax

Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL5) on Thursday September 8th urged House Speaker Paul Ryan to bring a “Fair Tax” bill to the floor of the House for a vote. His remarks can be viewed in the video.   See: ... read more »

The FAIRtax Prebate Explained

Here is a well done video explaining the cornerstone feature of the FAIRtax - the Prebate! View it here: ... read more »